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The Big Build: How to Use Heavy Construction Equipment

My name is Jerry, and I run a small construction company in Perth. My team normally completes relatively small jobs such as plastering walls, repairing electrical systems and constructing patios. However, one day a big client got in touch to say they wanted me to help them construct a large apartment building. I have never taken on such a big job before, but I thought it was a good chance to grow my business and gain some new skills. A friend who has completed large scale jobs before advised me on how I should hire the people and heavy construction equipment needed for the job. I learnt a lot from him, and my company has since completed several more big construction jobs. I have decided to start this blog to advise others how to hire and maintain heavy equipment.

Breaking Down the Basics of Crane Rigging to Make Your Operations a Success

1 December 2020
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If you plan to undertake a major construction project, you certainly in need crane riggers. Your project will involve handling heavy loads that you cannot carry by hand. Investing in a crane and using riggers to move such loads is both economical and safe. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of activity you do every day, and it helps to read some information on how you can go about it. The following piece lays out the basics of crane rigging to help you during your operations: Read More …

Three Fundamental Guidelines for Using a Test Plug

11 June 2020
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If you are planning on checking on the quality of the piping in your building, you will need to use test plugs. Test plugs are crucial devices for assessing the performance of new piping. Testing is beneficial for new structures because it will determine the function and efficiency of the plumbing network. You should also consider utilising testing plugs if you are concerned about the current state of your piping systems. Read More …

Hiring Cranes: General Guides for Managing Risks in the Workplace

15 July 2019
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Cranes are large derricks or towers equipped with a system of pulleys and cables. The combination of pulleys and cables enables cranes to lower and lift heavy materials that people cannot carry from one place to another. Cranes are popular in the construction and transport industry. In construction, cranes are temporary structures installed on the ground or mounted on a special vehicle. You can control them in various ways using a cabin travelling together with the crane from a separate control station, or by using special radios. Read More …

Easy Guide for Safe Crane Hire

4 June 2019
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As an owner of a small construction business, you may come across projects which involve heavier loads or require higher access than you regularly encounter. You will then need to hire a crane to do the job. Because you are the business owner, it is your responsibility to work jointly with the hire company to ensure that your worksite is completely safe. Before hiring your crane, take a minute to read this easy guide. Read More …

Dewatering Construction Sites: What Effect Does It Have on Below-Grade Waterproofing?

13 March 2019
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Groundwater has a huge impact on the quality of construction projects. Building and structure foundations extend deep into the ground for firm anchorage. If the ground has too much groundwater, the soil lacks the right formation needed to withstand the weight of a building. Therefore, construction specialists must dewater the site to change the composition of the soil. This will ensure the ground can support anything they want to build. The following information will broaden your understanding of the dewatering process: Read More …