What Is the Relationship Between Truck Suspension Seats and Back Care While Driving?

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What Is the Relationship Between Truck Suspension Seats and Back Care While Driving?

5 December 2016
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Being a long distance truck driver may come with some side effects. Although a driver may experience pain in the legs or buttocks, the most common problem involves aching backs. In this regard, a brand new custom seat can help significantly towards creating comfort during driving. Nevertheless, training drivers how to adjust their truck seats can really assist in reducing back pains. The following is a detailed explanation of how truck suspension seats contribute to back care:

Benefits and Features of Truck Suspension Seats

Truck suspension seats provide sufficient lumbar support, leg comfort and an advanced degree of adjustability. Special features on truck suspension seats can help to address driver positioning and comfort issues, leading to a more fulfilling drive. Some of the inbuilt special features are on these are:

Motion Sensors

Truck adjusted seats contain sensors that detect undesired motion. Precision sensors can identify movement thousands of times a second to within one hundredth of an inch.  

Regenerative Amplifier

Secondly, truck adjusted seats possess a regenerative amplifier, which relays power to the actuator. This amplifier distributes 3500 watts of power while drawing approximately 50 watts from the truck's battery.

Pneumatic System

Thirdly, truck suspension seats contain a pneumatic system that efficiently positions the driver. This intelligence system properly positions both short and tall drivers and ensures adequate performance on the air ride system in case of power loss.  

Feedback Systems

They are fitted with computers to determine optimal seat response, which helps in instances such as when you are driving on a rugged road.  

Proprietary Linear Actuators

Finally, truck suspension seats contain proprietary linear actuators, which counter bumps. The seat is powerful enough to accommodate a heavy driver and fast enough to absorb shock from bumps, even at highway speeds prior to the driver actually feeling them.

Modified truck seats provide a perfect solution to back pains for a truck driver who is vulnerable to excessive amounts of vibration due to bouncing, shaking and jarring when driving. Poor attention to back care may lead to consequences like spinal degradation, fatigue, back pain, and soreness. It is prudent to keep in mind that upscale seats contain additional features, user manuals and controls that you are at liberty to study and use. For example, some will give you counsel on massage or vibration roles that encourage blood circulation and reduce numbing effects on back muscles and tissues caused by long hours of driving.