4 Essential Tips for Hiring Excavation Contractors

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4 Essential Tips for Hiring Excavation Contractors

9 December 2016
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Employing excavation contractors isn't a straightforward task, especially when dealing with numerous possible candidates. However, if an individual knows what to look for, the headache of sifting through multiple candidates can be avoided. Below are four important considerations to make, irrespective of the nature of the project.


The first step to selecting an excavation company is establishing the reputation of each potential hire. Most companies have websites where they post the jobs they have done in the past, alongside the reviews they were given. However, there is only one way to be sure if a company's reputation is legitimate, and that is by confirming with different clients that the jobs reviewed on the website were carried out by the firm in question and that the review given is in agreement with the customer's sentiments on the contractor.

A few inquiries that an individual should ask the client include.

1.    What was the contractor's level of professionalism?

2.    Where there any unexpected problems and if so, how did the contractor handle them?

3.    Would you recommend them to someone else?

Level of experience

One of the most dreaded things that could happen is to hire a complete novice. Thus it's important for contractors who provide excavation or earthmoving services to have a broad experience in the field. When determining if a contractor has adequate experience, two factors should be evaluated:

1.    Job variety. This pertains to the range of projects a candidate company or contractor has worked on and completed successfully. The range of projects can be anything from earthmoving, driveway preparation, stump grinding, post digging, etc. A contractor who has worked on several different types of jobs is the best bet for an adequate experienced hire.

2.    Collaborations. Depending on the nature of a project, excavators often work with other professionals such as builders, landscapers, plumbers and even demolition experts. Thus, a candidate company that works alone may not be a good option if the nature of the project at hand requires collaboration with different professionals.


Every professional excavation company has to be fully certified to operate, as this is the only way to ensure the provision of quality service. Thus it is essential to ensure that a contractor adheres to the Codes of Practice set forth by Safe Work Australia. The company workers should also be fully trained to work with the different equipment used in excavation at a certified training school. Always check for proof of certification and the qualifications of the employees of every candidate company before hiring them.

Payment options.

Different contractors offer different billings and payment options; thus it is essential to pick the one whose billing favours you most. For one, the rate provided should be reasonable in comparison to other companies, and they should also offer flexible payment options that facilitate better billing management on the employer's part.