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Order Picker Safety Tips

28 December 2016
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Order pickers are machines that are often found in warehouses and are used to help the workers in the warehouse find and select the items they need more easily.  However, as with any machine, order pickers can be dangerous if the personnel using the order picker has not been properly trained. If you are going to hire an order picker, you need to check that they have had order picker training and an EWP license.

Order Picker Training

Never hire someone who has not been properly trained. If they make a mistake, they could become badly hurt. You would then be responsible to pay for their injury, because you were not selective enough about choosing a person who was licensed to work in that situation. Some order picker training courses last a day; others can be mostly done online. However, your worker should not claim to have completed a training course if they do not have the proper license to show for the course. Some types of forklift operator training may fit your needs as well.

EWP stands for elevated work platform and will assure that your worker has been trained about dealing with high platforms and operating them smoothly. Check that the potential employee can do the following things: conduct routine checks on the work platform, operate a boom-type platform, set up and break down the platform properly and secure the platform in its workspace.

Order Picker Safety Measures

Here are a few guidelines that your worker should know before they begin labouring. If at all possible, your worker should lower the platform before they begin travelling. This lowers the possibility that they will fall or injure themselves. The work platform must be securely attached and have the proper guardrails on open sides. The truck should have a warning light that automatically begins flashing when the operator begins raising the platform above a certain height. The light should be fixed in a part of the truck that does not elevate.

Your operator should have keen eyes and always be aware of what is happening around him. If your operator did not look before he began moving the vehicle, serious accidents could occur. The horn should be used before and during movement so that pedestrians are aware that the vehicle is moving. If your operator has proper training, then you should not need to worry about having unnecessary accidents or having the vehicle misused. Checking the potential order picker's credentials will help you select a worker who is able to perform the job well.