Maintenance During Excavator Hire

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Maintenance During Excavator Hire

5 January 2017
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When you are hiring a vehicle, you need to take the best care of it possible so that you can return it in good condition and not have to pay extra fees for damage to the vehicle. This article will give you a few tips about maintaining the excavator while it is in your possession.


When you use plant hire, no matter what vehicle you choose, you should always clean it off at the end of each work day. You may think that not a lot of grime can build up in only a week's use, but it can. As with many things, by cleaning the excavator each day, you will save yourself time at the end. The grime will also be removed more easily. Additionally, if you don't clean the undercarriage routinely, then the parts will wear and need replacement more often. While it is an excavator hire, you should still take the best care possible of the vehicle. Also, debris on the undercarriage makes the vehicle heavier, using more fuel to do the same job. Using a pressure washer to clean off the undercarriage is a fast and effective way to maintain the cleanliness.


Always inspect a vehicle when you first hire it. This will give you an idea of if there are any impending problems. If something serious is wrong, then you will know from the beginning, and you could choose to change the vehicle for another one. If you are using the excavator in especially harsh conditions, then you may need to inspect it frequently. If you are using the vehicle for less than a week, then an inspection at the beginning and end is fine. If you will have the machine over a longer period of time, then you should inspect it on a weekly basis. You need to look at the following things: drive motor, track tension, track shoes, track chains, track bolts, and rock guards.


Follow these rules to take care of the vehicle and protect it from damage as much as possible. Give yourself space to make wide turns, as sharp turns can wear away at the wheels more quickly. Try to minimize time on hills, as that also wears away more of the vehicle. If you will be on hills, make sure that the drive motor is facing the correct direction. The drive motor should be facing the back of the machine when you are on a hill. Last of all, avoid harsh environments such as asphalt and concrete as much as possible.