You Will Find the Perfect Mobile Crane If You Look at These Things When Selecting One

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You Will Find the Perfect Mobile Crane If You Look at These Things When Selecting One

9 January 2017
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Lifting and moving materials are usually among the major and most tiring tasks at any construction site. For this reason, if you have a construction project, you will want to invest in equipment that will make the transporting of materials easier and safer for your workers. Mobile cranes are usually the solution. Unfortunately, with a wide range of mobile cranes in the markets, you may find it challenging to decide on which one to choose, especially if you have never used one before. Lucky for you, the following information will help with this.

The Terrain of Your Construction Site

The purpose of the mobile crane is to make lifting your construction materials easier by moving freely on the ground. Therefore, look at the surface conditions on which your mobile crane will be moving. The crane has to navigate easily on the ground. For this reason, if the ground surface is relatively soft, you may benefit more from crawler-mounted models that will ensure minimal damage to the site. If you are looking for something to work on a fairly normal or solid ground, a truck-mounted mobile crane would be your ideal choice. You won't have to worry much about damage to the ground. Besides, trucks can easily manoeuvre on such grounds.

If you just want something that will work best on any ground, go for all- or rough-terrain models.

The Maximum Load Capacity

Mobile cranes are available in multiple sizes designed to lift loads of varying weights. This means if you choose a crane with a low load capacity, perhaps because it's cheaper, you may have to make several trips lifting your construction material. This will delay your project and may contribute to unforeseen costs. On the other hand, if you go for one that's too big than is necessary, it would probably be a waste. Therefore, find out the weight of the heaviest loads that you need lifting. It is always a good idea to go for a slightly higher load capacity than you think you will require, perhaps the next capacity up. This is because while you may have the correct weight of your heaviest loads, the actual weight may be heavier. This often happens because accessories that are usually attached to the loads when they are being lifted add to the overall weight. Some of these accessories are slings and spreaders.

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