Things to Consider When Using Earthmoving Equipment

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Things to Consider When Using Earthmoving Equipment

10 October 2017
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If you are carrying out construction work on your property, you may need to excavate and move a large quality of earth in order to lay pipes and create the foundations of the building. However, when you are using heavy equipment, it is important you take into consideration the following factors before beginning work.

The condition of the ground

Before you begin work, you should consider the condition of the ground. If the ground is particularly waterlogged and muddy, some types of earthmoving equipment which is fitted with rubber tyres. To avoid this problem, you should use earthmoving equipment which is fitted with tracks. These tracks are designed to distribute the weight of the machine and to provide the traction needed to move over muddy ground.

How the earth will be used or stored

Before you begin your excavation and earthmoving project, you should carefully estimate the volume of earth which you will be moving. This will allow you to estimated the amount of space you needed to store the earth before it is transported away or used to backfill spaces in which pipes have been laid. If you are planning to store the excavated soil, you should carefully think about how this will be done. If you need to store a large quantity of earth, you should erect wood or metal fence supports around three sides of the soil heap. This will provide added support and will prevent the soil from sliding or slipping. Unsupported soil heaps pose a serious danger to anyone working nearby as they may suddenly collapse, engulfing workers and equipment. 

The length of the job and your skill-set

If you only need to move a relatively small quantity of soil as part of a one-off job, you may prefer to hire the earth moving equipment rather than buying it outright. However, if you need to move a large quantity of earth over an extended period of time, or need to complete more than one job, you may wish to purchase your own earthmoving equipment so that it is always on hand when it is required. It is important to remember that if you are not qualified to operate heavy machinery, you should not attempt to do so. Instead, you should employ a skilled operator. If you would like to find out more, you should contact a professional earthmoving equipment company today for further advice and information.