Are your trailers in need of replacement parts?

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Are your trailers in need of replacement parts?

17 June 2021
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How confident are you that your trailer fleet can perform at the level you need? As a responsible business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain your fleet to an acceptable standard. Your dollies, dog trailers and 3-axle trailers must be safe to use and capable of reaching their destination in good time and without incident. The last thing that either you or your customers want is to hear that a truck is stranded by the side of the road awaiting rescue. A breakdown could cause delays to delivery and even cause the delivery to go to waste if it is time-sensitive or perishable. No doubt, you will have a regular maintenance program in operation that inspects your trailers for signs of wear, but what can you do if there are trailer parts that must be replaced?

Sourcing replacement trailer parts

No matter how well you take care of your trailers, there will always be a point when it is wise to source some replacement parts before something snaps or cracks while it is in use. When you need to find a replacement for a worn part, you must use a reputable dealer who can supply approved trailer parts for your business. Don't just look for the cheapest price but think about whether the trailer parts company is a good fit for your business. The trailer parts must be affordable, but many other factors should matter just as much. Here are two more things to bear in mind while making your decision.

Will this relationship build? — If you run a fleet of trailers, you will have an ongoing need for replacement parts. Sometimes, you will want to replace major components. At other times you could be looking for something smaller, such as a split pin or a dust cap. Even a minor part could lead to a trailer being taken off the road, so you can't delay replacing a missing part. Whichever dealer you choose, they should stock a complete range of parts so that you can come to the same company time after time to keep supplying your needs.

Do they have great customer service? — If you are regularly working with a company to keep your trailers running, you must be able to rely on them to answer your questions and supply every part that you need. The trailer parts company must know their stock and even have the ability to offer occasional advice if you aren't sure which part would be the right choice for your trailer.

If you need trailer parts, contact a local truck and trailer parts store.