The Big Build: How to Use Heavy Construction Equipment

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The Big Build: How to Use Heavy Construction Equipment

My name is Jerry, and I run a small construction company in Perth. My team normally completes relatively small jobs such as plastering walls, repairing electrical systems and constructing patios. However, one day a big client got in touch to say they wanted me to help them construct a large apartment building. I have never taken on such a big job before, but I thought it was a good chance to grow my business and gain some new skills. A friend who has completed large scale jobs before advised me on how I should hire the people and heavy construction equipment needed for the job. I learnt a lot from him, and my company has since completed several more big construction jobs. I have decided to start this blog to advise others how to hire and maintain heavy equipment.

What Is the Relationship Between Truck Suspension Seats and Back Care While Driving?

5 December 2016
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Being a long distance truck driver may come with some side effects. Although a driver may experience pain in the legs or buttocks, the most common problem involves aching backs. In this regard, a brand new custom seat can help significantly towards creating comfort during driving. Nevertheless, training drivers how to adjust their truck seats can really assist in reducing back pains. The following is a detailed explanation of how truck suspension seats contribute to back care: Read More …